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Personalised Lead Cover / Slip


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Personalised  Lead Cover with your chosen message
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Light weight lead cover to get your message out

· Easy Pull loop to remove the popper/lead slip

One size fits any lead, 230 mm  x  50 mm (23 cm x 5 cm). 

Printed with your chosen message on both sides.

Easy to read from a distance.

Popper fastener  to secure the lead slip  the swivel on the trigger hook so the message is close to the dog or can also be fastened through the leads handle to avoid slippage down the lead.

 Features   a finger loop to easily remove the popper fastener/lead slip.

Designed to  fit any lead that you already own.

Available in several colours to pick your favorite  or to suit/match your lead or charity colours 


Product Code: SR00001-03

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