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Personalised Printed dog coats Flo Yellow


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Personalised Flo Yellow Dog Jacket

These personalised coats are great for the following:-
Dogs that Need Rescue Homes,
Web sites,

Dogs that need space,
Dogs in Training ect

To order your personalised coat:-
1. You choose the required text for printing by completing the fields below. 
2. When the order is placed we will email you a mock up typically within 24-48 hours for approval.

(NOTE: we do not process personalised coats until the go ahead is given)

The printed message will be printed on both sides of the coat and a design sample will be emailed for approval before we process your order. 



Size Guide

Coat Size To Fit Neck Size Coat Length*
(To fit 5 -  15cm short of the tail)
Girth Size Typical Breeds
Size 1 26cm to 36cm 23cm 34cm to 44cm Terriers,
Size 2 32cm to 42cm 28cm 42cm to 60cm Small poodles, Cockapoo,
Size 3 40cm to 56cm 34cm 48cm to 70cm Staffies, Greyhounds,
Size 4 44cm to 62cm 38cm 54cm to 76cm German sherpards, Husky, Labrador, Border Collie
Size 5 54cm to 72cm 45cm 62cm to 90cm Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Bernese,

* Please note:- These vests not designed to fit the full length of the dog. They are designed to display your Space Awareness
message and typically fall 5-15 cm short of the dogs tail or two-thirds of your dogs length. 

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