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Personalised Printed dog coats Flo Yellow


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Personalised Flo Yellow Dog Jacket

These personalised coats are great for the following:-
Dogs that Need Rescue Homes,
Web sites,

Dogs that need space,
Dogs in Training ect

To order your personalised coat:-
1. You choose the required text for printing by completing the fields below. 
2. Ensure you enter the text in the case style you require we will not alter the entered text. i.e. 

Line 1 -( proper case)

LINE 1 - (all uppercase) 

line 1 - (all lowercase) 

The printed message will be printed on both sides of the coat.

Please ensure the correct information is entered as due to nature personalisation we cannot offer refunds on personalised items and are excluded from our 30 day returns/exchange acceptance.



Size Guide

Coat Size To Fit Neck Size Coat Length*
(To fit 5 -  15cm short of the tail)
Girth Size Typical Breeds
Size 1 26cm to 36cm 23cm 34cm to 44cm Terriers,
Size 2 32cm to 42cm 28cm 42cm to 60cm Small poodles, Cockapoo,
Size 3 40cm to 56cm 34cm 48cm to 70cm Staffies, Greyhounds,
Size 4 44cm to 62cm 38cm 54cm to 76cm German sherpards, Husky, Labrador, Border Collie
Size 5 54cm to 72cm 45cm 62cm to 90cm Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Bernese,

* Please note:- These vests not designed to fit the full length of the dog. They are designed to display your Space Awareness
message and typically fall 5-15 cm short of the dogs tail or two-thirds of your dogs length. 

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