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How to measure for a dog coat

We are specialists in supplying Greyhound, Italian Greyhounds, Whippet and Lurcher coats only we do not stock coats for other breeds..

Our 13" to 15 " Italian Greyhound coats are suitable for:-
Italian Greyhound

Our 17" to 23" Whippet coats are suitable for:-
Whippets Only

22" Lurcher coats are suitable for:-

Our 22" to 30" Greyhound coats are suitable for:-



The measurement for our coats is determined by the DOGS SPINE LENGTH . The top of the spine can be found in the hollow on top of the dogs shoulders you will be able to feel the hollow with your fingers, to help locate the the hollow (top of spine/shoulders) imagine a line up from the front legs (see dotted green line in picture). Once found measure with a flexible tape from the top of the spine to the root of the tail where the tail meets the body as shown in this picture.
How To Measure your Greyhound
This picture is for measurement illustration only and not necessary the listed item however please note that the measurement of the Whippet (measurement method is the same for Greyhound however the only difference is the coat cut/shape which will be separated under different listings) in the picture above is 21" and a 21" coat is on the dog NOTE that there is extra length in the coat for the collar, this is why it is important to measure only the spine length. It is the spine length measurement which determines the coat size you will only need to order.

measure an existing coat as this will result in a larger measurement resulting in a much larger coat for your dog.
DO NOT:-guess the size as this will almost certainly result in the wrong size surprisingly some customers have done this, please wait till you are able to measure the dog correctly.
DO NOT:- Measure up to the collar, please measure the spine length as described and order upon this measurement.
DO NOT:-use a stiff or short ruler, always use a tape measure or if you don't own one you should use string or a long shoe lace then measure this with your stiff ruler if no tape measure is available.


take the measurement whilst the dog is standing.
ALWAYS:- Take the spine measurement for determining the size of coat (defiantly NOT up to the collar or head)
ALWAYS:- If your dog measures between two sizes we recommend that you go the the next size down, as larger coats tend to slip and move. The best fit for a coat is just above the root of the tail as larger coats can restrict the tail (more a problem when nature calls) however it doesn't matter if it does over hang a bit.


ALWAYS REMEMBER:- The coat measurement is based upon the dogs spine length, only and order upon this measurement.



Some questions and answers we have been asked in the past, these may help if you have any similar questions:-

Q:- What is the difference between Greyhound and whippet?
A:- Whippets have a very arched back thus require a special cut coat for their very arched back shape, if whippet coats are bought for dogs with flatter backs i.e. greyhounds they will hunch up at the back and appear short and not sit flat or vice versa if a flatter coat i.e. a greyhound coat is bought for a breed with a very arched back (Whippet) then it will not follow the contours of the dog and stick up at the back.
We have separate categories in our shop for both whippets and greyhounds please see the items description title for suitable breeds.

Q:-I think you have sent the wrong size as its far too big. I asked for 24 inch and this measures 27/28 ins
A:- The manufactures size is sewn into the front of the coat. There is an additional 4-6 inches extra on some coats including the Blizzard, Alaskan and Rain Mac's for the fold back collar this is added on by the manufactures spine length used to determine the coat sizing, therefore all coats with a collar will measure larger when received as you are now also measuring the collar length on top of the spine length.

Q:-I have measured up the neck when ordering and the coat is massive, now what?
A:- Please remember to only measure the spine length of the dog and not up the neck or to the collar as this leads to larger measurements. How long over the tail does the does the coat over hang? as this is the required sizes in inches to drop down in coat sizes. i.e. if the coat over hangs 4" then this is the number of inches to drop in coat sizes. therefore if you ordered a 28" and 4" overhangs then you will require a 24" exchange.



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